BiSL Education

Purpose of the accredited BiSLŪ Foundation training course
This training course explains the BiSLŪ framework, encompassing the best way to manage and execute business information management in day-to-day practice, and explains how the framework BiSLŪ can help to improve business processes and the alignment of business and IT.
The BiSL Foundation training course is usually provided in a traditional classroom setting and almost all classes are scheduled in the Netherlands.

Virtual BiSLŪ Foundation training course
Capgemini Academy provides a accredited virtual BiSLŪ foundation training course that will be delivered using Cisco Webex. During this training course the certified and accredited trainer will explain the BiSLŪ framework. Break-out session will be used to let the participants discus the theory and make the translation to day-to-day practice. A great way of attending a accredited training course if you are not able to attend a traditional classroom training course.
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BiSLŪ Foundation Anytime Anyplace
Capgemini Academy provides a accredited BiSL Foundation - Anytime Anyplace training course. With this new training concept Anytime Anyplace Capgemini is the first global BiSL training provider. You can participate from all over the world and take the official BiSLŪ Foundation exam from all over the world. This type of training consists of videos, summaries and an electronic learning environments with different tests and presentations. The videos explain short, concise and in simple language what each topic is about. The summaries emphasize the essentials of the theory. The participants may log into the digital learning environment at any time and monitor their own progress.
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BiSL Foundation exam included in Capgemini Academy training courses
During these two accredited training courses the participants will be prepared for the official BiSLŪ Foundation exam. The official BiSLŪ publication and the official BiSLŪ Foundation exam is included in the virtual and Anytime Anyplace training courses.