BiSL Exam

The purpose of the official APMG BiSLŪ Foundation qualification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the BiSL guidance to work in Business Information Management, for instance in a role as a business information administrator or an information manager.

Provided by
The official APMG BiSLŪ Foundation exam can be provided by a Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs). ATOs are organisations who have been assessed and approved by APMG, and duly licensed by The Accreditor to run accredited BiSLŪ training courses and administer BiSL examinations.

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The official BiSLŪ Foundation exam is provided by Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) to their own participants you should attend their official accredited BiSLŪ Foundation training first.
The official BiSLŪ Foundation exam is included in the Capgemini Academy accredited virtual and Anytime Anyplace BiSLŪ foundation training course.

Preparing for an ASLŪ or BiSLŪ Foundation exam is also possible through self-study. Registration for the so called public exam is through the website of APMG-International, see Public exams.

Sample exam
On the APMG international website you can find a BiSlŪ Foundation sample exam. This will help you to prepare for your BiSLŪ Foundation exam.